I’ve been going through a dry spell over here…with crafting, blogging, doll making. OR it could just be pure laziness 🙂 OR it could have been all the drama at our house! OR all of the above!

We had a bit of drama at our house 2 weeks ago. When it comes to water leaks, I am EXTREMELY paranoid and terrified. Ya see, when my twins were 3 months old (!), we discovered that we had been living in a flooded house! WHAT?! I know…we had no idea b/c we had hardwood floors. And you would not believe all the swishing and swashing one could hear when you jumped up and down on the floors. Needless to say, we were homeless for 2 months (I repeat…when my twins were 3 months old!!!). So when we recently discovered a tiny leak under our shower stall, my husband and I went into panic mode. haha! All is well with the world…we got a new bathroom 🙂 but you know what that entails. LOTS of dust = lots of cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundering and just plain ol’ feeling like the world is coming to an end. What remodeling does to a control freak!

Despite all the raucous, I still managed to leave the house with the kids. And we discovered a new place. My Giggle Place. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Relatively new = CLEAN! Perfect indoor playground!

Room 1. View from the “adults only” balcony

Room 2

Room 3

They have a 4th room. 2 toddlers/small kids sit in a plastic car and you race down a ramp. So fun! I’m hoping to spend lots of days here this summer (before the place becomes a complete germ fest! yes, I’m tricking myself to think that it’s not already one). They also offer story time and a puppet show throughout the day.

big sis