Big sis and I will be a vendor at the Los Angeles Renegade Fair again! It’s extra exciting for me because it will be my first time at the new outdoor venue since I didn’t get to participate last year because of the bun in my oven.

I’ve been super busy working on dolls and trying to build up my inventory now since I have a few events planned in the next few months (including a week long vacay). We’ll have dolls, paperweights, pouches, tissue cozies, bobby pins, hair ties, and now hair clips!

These are some of the ones I made thus far..still working on making some silk rosettes and tuxedo style bows. Originally I started making them for Lila, and I just decided to make more for the fair. Some of the smaller ones don’t have clips attached to them yet. I’m debating on whether or not I should make some specifically for newborns.

I’ll be posting some more pics this month of other inventory after I get back from my Chicago trip. I’m excited yet nervous about flying to Chicago this time around!

A toddler, a baby, a carseat, two strollers, three suitcases = scared me!

-lil sis