from our not-so-recent trip to Mt. Baldy (more on this later). My daughter, despite not being dressed in “true” snow attire, desperately wanted to make snowmen. With only mittens, we managed to make some miniature ones. daddy + mommy + daughter + son + baby = our family.


Haha! Between lil sis and I…well, we just seem to be baby makin’ machines! Yes, this time around I am expecting!!! I’m halfway done baking this munchkin. Sorry for the delay in telling the good news. I really did want to share it much earlier but for reasons out of my control, I had to wait until now. Let’s just say, I had to respect my husband’s wishes 🙂

Morning sickness this time around has been no different. I was battling with my toilet nightly, fighting with it, letting it know that “tonight I will not succumb, I will not be defeated” but in the end always surrendering.

It has very much eased up and I can now say, I am vomit free! with only minimal lingering nausea. Woo hoo!

Despite all the ickiness, I am beyond excited and my twins are so adorable talking about it, feeling my belly, and trying to figure out names for the baby. And you better believe it…I will definitely be finding out the sex!

Just thought I’d share 🙂

big sis