This year my twins turn 5! and while I love themed birthday parties, it is getting quite impossible to have somewhat of a cohesive theme. Afterall, my son is a boy boy and my daughter is a girly girl. I pushed it last year by doing the Star Wars/Minnie Mouse birthday party. This year, I told the kids that I would choose. And after much discussion with lil sis, I decided to jump on the bunting bandwagon. I decided I’m going to “bunt” everything!

Starting with the invites…

I printed up the invites on white cardstock and rounded the corners. The next part was a bit time consuming but I pondered on what would be the best way and this was the only thing I could think of 🙂 I cut out diamonds in primary colors and folded them in half. The beginning and end triangles are actually tape that I found on sale at Joann’s. So cute! and it worked perfectly in taping down the baker’s twine. Then I glued the folded diamonds with the baker’s twine in between. So easy! and it adds a bit of dimension to it, which I’m very pleased with.

I thought about making a bunting for the party room out of tissue paper much like I did the invites, but really, at 5 months pregnant…do I really need to go above and beyond? So lil sis convinced me to do a smaller bunting for the dessert table. Can you guess what I’ll be doing this weekend???

big sis