My twins had their 3rd and final bday party on Thursday and boy, can I just tell you how happy I am?! I told the kids that this was their last big bday party they would have until they are 10! haha! All the planning, scheduling, making, baking…this pregnant momma needs a break!

So I ended up making a bunting for the room 🙂 Yes, I wasn’t going to but as I started making it, I made more than enough triangles and wasn’t going to let them go to waste! I punched tiny holes through both ends and strung baker’s twine through them.

As you can see, I probably didn’t need to make it since the room was so bright and cheery. And really, I don’t think the kids or the parents saw it 😦 oh well! Hopefully, lil sis may get some use out of it one day…

Lil sis also made a cute bunting label for the favors.

The treat bags…what to fill them with…always a dilemma for me. One really cute thing we (we = my daughter and I. son wanted nothing to do with it) did for the girls’ bags were to make bracelet kits. We started with this…

It took us a few days to sort through them, spell out each girl’s name, and then package them with extra beads and elastic cording.

Loved it! and the girls loved them too!

All in all, the kids had a great time! I am almost done…just need to make some thank you cards with some kind of bunting on it, of course, and then I will be ALL DONE!!!

big sis