Hubby changed up our camera to a new one. He’s one major electronic junkie! He said he’s going to seriously study and learn photography, so he had to upgrade our camera. We’ll see about that. I’m hoping I’ll be able to take better pictures of our dolls then because so far, I do see  a difference in the picture quality. I tried experimenting with the camera this weekend…

I took a walk around the lake Saturday with Lila, and I was happy to see the water lilies starting to bloom. We saw yellow flowers and some pink ones.

And here is a pic of our friends drinking water 🙂 We used to feed the ducks bread before we got a notice from our community saying we couldn’t give the ducks human food anymore. Kinda sad for us but it’s understandable. I’m sure bread and cereal and who knows what other people feed them is not healthy for their diet.

Big sis and I are not a fan of ducks or birds in general. I thought this was a cute pic though.

Playing happily at the park. I’m guilty of putting her in socks with crocs. It just looks so silly, but she cannot stand getting sand on her feet.

Tabi was busy snoozing away in the stroller. I just love baby feet!

And today we took a quick trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. I was so proud of Lila because she wanted to go on one of the rides all by herself. She wasn’t scared at all! She insisted on riding in the car labeled 2 since she’s two years old. She’s growing up too fast 🙂

And lastly, here is a pic of myself with my new change just in time for the summer. Got the Ombre hairdo!

I believe this is my third time dyeing my hair professionally. I usually ask to get it lightened on the more subtle side, but this time I kinda went crazy (crazy in my eyes)! If you haven’t heard of ombre, here are some examples of ombre hairstyles…

It is a “deliverate graduation of color from the roots (darkest) to the ends (lightest).” – taken from

Jessica Biel

Lauren Conrad

Hope you all had a great Memorial weekend everyone!

-lil sis