As Renegade LA is slowly approaching, lil sis and I are in full-blown-stick-to-the-schedule-mode. At 6.5 months pregnant, I refuse to sew later than 10:30pm! I know! Going from sewing till 1 in the morning to 10:30 is a huge difference. So you can only imagine the stress I’m under. In addition to my list of things to make for Renegade, I have been repressing all feelings and desires to nest. True, I don’t know the sex of this wee lil one STILL so that helps a bit. Nevertheless, I have started a list of things to do to prep for this baby including a long list of things to make!

I really wanted to make some casual pregnancy tops but gave up on that one awhile ago πŸ™‚ Gotta pick and choose! The only thing I made was a belly band and if my hubs and I were better at taking pictures of my growing belly, I would totally show you! I’ll do my best to post pictures before the baby comes.

I’m so excited to start sewing for baby #3! I want to make blankets, bibs, burp cloths, kimono tops…if only I knew what we were having…haha! Well, I won’t have to wait much longer! I go in for my 3D/4D ultrasound next week and it just so happens that my OB also scheduled a follow-up ultrasound in a month or so. So I get to see this baby a bit more! Yay! Growing a life in your uterus is already fascinating but to feel the baby move around, kick, punch, feel its limbs…it’s surreal! When I was preggers with the twins, there was hardly any room for them to move so I felt more limbs than anything; this time around, it’s full blown punches and kicks…to the point where I can see my belly move and pop out!

I have still been taking my cardio kickboxing classes but I may be throwing in the towel soon…perhaps, this week. I can barely make it through the full class and although I’m glad to have continued my exercise routine, I should probably call it quits for my own peace of mind (as well as my husband’s).

This post will have to end picture-less. I have so much stuff going on that finishing this post took me almost a week! We have preschool graduations, potlucks, and prepping for summer activities. Yikes! I have a feeling that soccer practice, soccer games, swim classes, and ballet PLUS being in my 3rd trimester during the summer is going to make me a big ol’ hot mess! πŸ™‚ Maybe I should replace my kickboxing class for yoga…

big sis