We went in for my 3D/4D ultrasound and we are having a girl! For some reason, I was in disbelief…I think b/c there were so many people telling me I was having a boy. based on the the way I was carrying, or the way I looked from behind, or the way I was gaining weight. ALL myths, I tell ya! As I enter this final stretch of my pregnancy, I am reminded of what life will be like with 3. I will need to SLOW DOWN!

I started having some Braxton Hicks, so dr’s orders “give up cardio kickboxing, and take up swimming”. WHAT?! What? meaning I have to give up the one thing that makes me feel normal? (I’m still nauseous at times, I still gag and dry heave in the morning, certain foods do not make me happy, certain smells make me lose my appetite) and What? you want me to get into a bathing suit looking like this?! haha! Yes, I suppose if I didn’t have all these stretch marks from the twins, I would be brave enough to sport a bikini. I know, I could wear a tankini but I’m trying so hard not to spend money on maternity clothes b/c this lil one will be my last one. So I made the ultimate decision…to slow down. I may do a lil walking here and there but I’ve given up the idea of exercising actively until birth. Plus these contractions are freakin’ me out! I cannot afford to be on house rest or bed rest or go into preterm labor (all things I experienced with the twins).

Taking the kids from one activity to another is enough huffing and puffing for me 🙂

I’m still sewing away in the evenings. I am making less dolls this time around but since lil sis will be joining me this Renegade, we will have tons and TONS of dolls! I’ve also added a new applique to my linen pouches.

Hello Kitty! She is hand pieced and hand embroidered.

That’s it for now. I know I’ve been posting alot less frequently but thanks for continuing to stop by!

big sis