So now that all of our dollies from the fair are up in our shop…I can move on happily with my life 🙂

One of the things I wanted to make when I first got pregnant was a maternity band. Why pay $17 for it when I can make it and have it made to fit me perfectly! I am all for the rubber band around the button and button hole to stretch out having to wear maternity clothes but at the same time, I despised having to worry about my shirt creeping up and exposing the pretty sight!

So after doing some research on what kind of band I wanted to make (b/c there are so. many. variations.), I ended up following makeit-loveit’s tutorial. The only thing I did differently was instead of using a zig-zag stitch, I used this one…

why? based on several tutes I read, this stitch was recommended to maximize the elastciity of your band. I suppose you could just make a bigger one later on, if need be 🙂

love it! can wear my maternity leggings, tanks, and band without any worries that my butt is is just out there for everyone’s viewing!

here I am at 28 weeks

I am now at the 32 week mark and I can still fit into it. I wore it early on and it was a bit loose on the top but still wearable. Most useful thing I have made this pregnancy! Now on to burp cloths and bibs!

big sis