of living with our wall clock leaning up against the fireplace (b/c the husband and I could never agree to where it should go and after a year of it being there, we longer cared! haha), I found a clock that was worthy to be hung! You may remember lil sis talking about Decoy Lab’s shop here, when she was in the beginning stages of designing her 2nd daughter’s nursery. And while I love Maiko “children’s” clocks, I adore the “adult” ones as well. My husband who like things very simple and modern wasn’t really feelin’ this one

image via decoylab

I was a bit limited in choices b/c I needed/wanted a clock with numbers all the way around. So not only did it need to be functional, eye-catching, modern, it also needed to be educational (for my 5 year olds who are learning how to tell time).

This was the chosen one!

custom 12 x 12

I could not be happier with it. And as lil sis commented, it makes very little noise! The craftsmanship is wonderful and the customer service is great! Now I’m wondering if I need one for the nursery? sigh…will that nursery ever be completed?

big sis