So I contemplated buying a new lampshade for the nursery, but then I thought why waste a perfectly good one? So I started searching the web for some DIY to “prettify” my current one. Here are 2 of my favorites but not ready to fully commit until I exhaust ALL searches, ideas, outlets!

image via mama says sew. inspired by a shade sold by Anthropologie. instructions here.

image via dear lillie. instructions here.

What do you think?

Pregnancy update: I’m currently 34 weeks and my FFN test (shows if you’ll go into labor within the next week or 2) that the hospital took came out negative. So I’d like to believe that I’m safe for another week. My contractions really slowed down, which leads me to believe that alot of it was due to the excitement of my kids’ soccer games (not to mention dragging equipment and bottles of water, tugging away at socks, uniform checks).

Nursery update: Room has been painted, dresser and crib put together, almost done washing and putting away 0-12 months clothes, bedding and wall decor ordered. Just a few odds and ends and I will be fully ready for her arrival! well…we still need to get her car seat!

Emotional prep update: As far as handmade items for baby #3, I made several burp cloths, drooler bibs, and reg bibs. Work in progress: faux chenille blanket, like the one I made for lil sis/niece. Why did I categorize this stuff here? b/c it has been weighing down on me for some time. With Renegade + kids’ summer activities, I felt like I wasn’t giving any time to baby #3…as silly as that sounds. After having my twins, I am all about fairness. But today, I feel content 🙂

big sis