I spent the weekend putting up the wall decal I mentioned in my last post. I was a bit impatient waiting around for my husband so I decided to tackle it on my own. So there you have it…a 9 month old preggers can do the decal alone. There may be alot of sweating, huffing, puffing, and resting involved but it is possible.

A little bit about Simple Shapes Wall Decals. The decals arrive in sheets (if your decal is a large one) and part of the process is cutting out the individual pieces and rubbing out all the wrinkles and bubbles with their provided squeegee (that’s where the sweating comes about). The next part is the fun part of the process…piecing and adhering to the wall. Here is the beginning…

The hubs saw this part and gave me a funny look, stating “don’t you think the baby will be scared”…in other words, “I’m not crazy about it”. He hadn’t seen the pictures of the end product so I cut him some slack 🙂

I finished putting up these guys and called it a night.

Yes, I despise birds but there are some things I will overlook for the sake of pretty! Now that I look at this picture, if the birds looked like crows, it would be very creepy and scary huh?! Well, just wait till you see the final product. Every time I go into the nursery, I can’t help but smile!

The crib bedding is to arrive any day now and it goes with the decal…well, semi. So I’ll be sure to show you the end product with the bedding! Oh, I can’t wait!

big sis