I just finished sewing up a car seat canopy. Lil sis used one of her swaddling blankies as a makeshift canopy on our outings together when Tabi needed to nap so I figured it was worth sewing one up!

The best part about it is the window! Instead of having my kids lift up the sides and waking the baby up, I figured we could all just peek in through the window. Genius!

Here’s where I got the tutorial. I didn’t make any adjustments to it.! Granted baby #3 is not here yet and I don’t know if it works as it should but for now, it looks perfect!

Perfect for when we plan to walk to pick up the twinsies from Kinder. I am so nervous for them…more than they will ever know! If baby #3 wasn’t coming the day after they start school, I would wait outside the fence just so I can catch a glimpse of them while they are out for recess or having lunch. Full stalker in effect! Could you imagine?! haha! Better yet, I would just volunteer everyday! Maybe baby #3’s birth is a blessing in disguise…

big sis