Baby #3 is here as lil sis posted and we are all adjusting well to our new addition. My water broke on Tuesday, the 6th, at 2:15 am and I delivered at noon. My husband and I joked that this would happen…remember, the twins were to start Kinder that Thursday. It all worked out b/c my OB agreed to discharge me a day later on Wednesday, knowing very well how important it was for me to be there for my twins on their very first day of Kindergarten! So needless to say, we have all be been crazy busy around here.

The baby…well, she is just the cutest thing ever! And despite having her day/night sleep schedule all messed up and me being on 4 hours total of interrupted sleep, I stare at her during her feedings and can’t help but feel “completeness”. My family is complete and this ol’ body can finally rest 🙂

It’s the funniest thing…I can NOT remember this phase with the twins. The only explanation is that my husband and I were on survival mode and I’m sure every minute of the first month was a challenge.

I am so glad that I got to complete my baby projects before her arrival. The car seat canopy has been a lifesaver! When you’re visiting the dr’s office and have to ride in a crowded elevator, it is nice to know that the floating germs have to get through a barrier to get to my daughter!

And now to show you her completed nursery (well, two sides)…her room will probably be a work in progress until I figure out what else I want or need for it…

I am in love with the decal! I am thrilled that I found her cherry blossom bedding! Just in love…and can’t wait till she can sleep in her own room. We’re working on that…I cannot wait for the day that I can get 3 hours of straight uninterrupted sleep 🙂 but for now, I will enjoy the quiet (and not so quiet) frequent feedings when it is just me and my baby girl.

big sis