I have less than two months to start planning Tabi’s birthday. I decided to go for a colorful party. My party venue is allowing me to come in the night before to start decorating. I only have a few hours, but that’s huge considering I have two kids to get ready and prepped the morning of. My husband can only do so much…

I’ve been spending hours on Pinterest for ideas. It’s sooo addicting. I need to stop!

I found a couple of fun pictures I would love to attempt.

{via hip hip hooray}

These look so much easier to do than cake pops. Lila ADORES sprinkles on anything, and I’m sure this would put a big smile on her face. Gotta please her too since it will be her 3rd birthday that day. Wow just realized I’m going to have to think like this for the next however many years until they decide on having separate birthday parties.

{via designmom}

This would look so pretty on one of the bare walls. Looks like I can do this the week of since it doesn’t require helium. Just a good set of strong lungs!

I don’t know what to do about the cake table. Do I incorporate flowers? Do I set it up the traditional way? Gotta think this one out.

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-lil sis