this Friday, the 21st! Get your custom doll before then to save yourself shipping costs.

I’m working on five custom orders right now and am recovering from bronchitis. NOT FUN! It’s been crazy cooped up at home. We missed three days of school now. I’ve had to come up with activities for Lila because she’s been getting antsy just staying at home. So far, we’ve done the following:

-Carved our pumpkin

-Made sock puppets

-Built a couple forts around the house with blankets

-Made cookies and topped them with sprinkles

-Played w/ play-dough multiple times

-Danced around the house to music

-Played chase while crawling on our knees

-Gave her a bath one too many times

-Made a bunch of origami cranes and hid them around the house (she had tons of fun with this one)

what else!??? I’m running out of ideas!

-lil sis