image via the purl bee

I have been wanting to knit this lil number up ever since I saw it. Isn’t it beautiful? Although I have never heard of the herringbone stitch, it doesn’t seem too hard. I may have to watch a few youtube videos on the stitch but it definitely seems doable. Here’s the tutorial if you’re interested in tackling the project with me. Now, if only I could get to my yarn shop…

The baby is now a lil over 7 weeks old; I was eagerly waiting for this week as they say that babies seems to settle around the 2-3 month mark. We have our ups and downs (and by ups and downs, I mean the length of time she is asleep at night. haha!) but I am fortunate that she is no longer waking every 1.5 hours! woo hoo!

Things I love at the moment:

1. LOVE that I can be home with the baby. alone.

2. love how my twins LOVE school. from the minute I (we) pick them up from school, they tell me about their day, who they played with, who stepped on dog poop (yes, dog poop! and my son was lucky enough to get it all over both shoes!), who got a sad face for misbehaving, who cries (thank goodness neither of them do)

3. love how we live so close to school that we can walk and I don’t have to make the baby scream and cry in her car seat (so far, she’s not a fan of her seat)

4. love the cool weather. downside: both kids have already gotten sick and still recovering

5. love that Christmas is nearing!!! Although can you believe that this year is almost over?!

Thanks for listening to random thoughts from a tired mom…

big sis