That’s what I’ve been up to! I’ve never procrastinated this much on planning a birthday party or any kind of event for that matter. I usually give myself a couple months to plan things out. I just looked at the calendar today and realized I have two weeks left before Tabi’s birthday party. I’m in serious party mode now!!!

I’m almost done with the backdrop! I don’t know what it looks like on the PVC piping because I have yet to figure out a way to hang it. I gave that job to hubby to do this wknd in the midst of his busy work schedule. This is going to be his third straight wknd working from home! I can’t complain because he doesn’t complain. I already gave myself a nasty glue gun burn on my finger, and I decided to wear my gardening gloves while I work now. Why didn’t I think of that before? I’ve gone through 2 packs of glue sticks and am halfway done with all my gluing projects.

I’ve been scouring Craigslist for some mason jars the past several weeks. I haven’t had any luck until this week! I got 20 for $7. I was totally ready to make daily trips to Michaels with my 50% coupon to buy the darn jars! Yay for Craigslist! I wasn’t going to have any centerpieces, but the tables seemed so sad without anything. I needed something to spruce up the dark decor.

ahhh and Photoshop. I wish the hubs could just take a week off so I can take a Photoshop 101 crash course. I can only learn so much through the internet.

I’m trying to remember to take pictures along the way. Just wanted to post about what I’ve been up to since big sis and I have been a little MIA lately. Tutorials + pics coming soon…perhaps on our new blog! That’s something else we’re working on. 🙂

-lil sis