My grandma past several years ago, but my memories of her will live on forever! She was a second mom to me and big sis. She practically raised us while my mom was working full time as a single parent.

As I’m parenting my daughters, I often think of my grandma. She was such a gentle soul and so nurturing without trying. I think it was all through her love of feeding us. I still remember her sleeping with this smelly fermented paste that’s meant to be mixed in soup. Sounds super gross, but she told me she needed to keep it warm. What best place is there other than her bed where she slept on a heated mattress. That’s dedication! She was such a great cook, and I’m so upset I never learned her recipes. 😦

I came across this plant the other day at Lowes, and the flowers were barely blooming. I got so excited because I recognized it instantly. It was one my grandma planted on our front porch. She had it hanging in various places, and it was the prettiest plant. She’s called HOYA!

via elkorose

Aren’t they so beautiful? They’re star shaped flowers all clustered together. They have a slight fuzz to the petals, and I’ve only seen them in white and pink. However, some flowers can be yellow, green, purple, or brown. They even have a scent to them. I briefly read up on caring for Hoya plants, and it seems fairly easy. They’ll bloom regularly without fertilizing or caring for them. Hmmm…my kind of plant! You can grow them indoors or outdoors, but they do need to be in 40-60% shade.

After the birthday party is over and I finish updating my resume (sadly, it is that time), I hope I can squeeze in some time to bring some Hoya love to my patio.

~lil sis