Happy 1st Birthday Tabi! Yesterday was her official birthday, and I’m SO happy to say the birthday party is over. This weekend was a crazy one for our family. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Lila’s 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese on Friday, Tabi’s First Birthday on Saturday, and then the whole fam got sick with the stomach bug on Sunday. Even lil Tabi! Whew. I want to say that I had the 24 hour bug because I’m pretty much over whatever it is that I caught, but my girls are still under the weather. Hoping they recover quickly so we can enjoy this beautiful weather we’ve been having here lately.

I don’t have any pictures to show (yet) from her birthday party. Though I did want to share my photos + my experience with the Los Angeles Flower Mart. I didn’t have a theme for her birthday party, but I incorporated flowers here and there as part of the decorations. I was on a mission to get a good deal on flowers for centerpieces to spruce up the tables. I drove to downtown LA on Black Friday and the freeways were absolutely CLEAR! I got there in record time!

So for those of you who have never been to the LA Flower Mart and are considering going, it’s not as daunting as it seems. There is plenty of street parking, but it’s by the hour…$3 to be exact. The meters take credit cards, so there is no need to scrounge for coins. If you don’t want to use your CC, they only take quarters! If you are planning on spending more than an hour looking around, you will probably want to park at a lot. For non trade/florists, they open up at 8am. It is $2 admission. It’s highly recommended that you bring some kind of rolling cart if you are planning on buying a lot of flowers. I brought this cart and stuck a Home Depot bucket inside so that right before I was ready to leave, I asked one of the florists to give me some water for my flowers.

I had about 30+ mason jars that I wanted to fill. I had my heart set on peonies because that is my favorite flower! I had them in my wedding bouquet too. Managed to find a pic of my bouquet…ahh memories πŸ™‚

I looked through every florist vendor in the warehouse before actually committing to buy. Many of their prices are the same esp when they are for the popular flowers like roses, daisies, hydrangeas, etc. In addition to peonies, I wanted these small white wildflowers (don’t know the name) and yellow billy-balls. Love how cute they are! The white flowers were not as easy to find. Maybe one out of three vendors had them, and they were sparse. Prices varied, so I made sure to look around to see who had them for the cheapest. As for billy-balls, I only found one vendor that carried them! Can you believe it? Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

Here are the flowers I’m talking about…

Yellow Billy Ball

100 Layer cake

(The pink flowers on the left but in white)

Mellano’s had the biggest selection of flowers, and they were super organized. They kept all their flowers in a separate temperature regulated room which felt like I was in a freezer! Pale pink peonies were 1.71/stem. The small white flowers were 2.75 a whole bunch (yay!). Billy balls were $5 a bunch, and to call it a bunch was exaggerating. I left with $65 worth of flowers, and 50% of them were peonies. Hydrangeas would have been the cheapest and more bang for your buck route because most florists were selling them for $6 a bunch.

Here are some of my flower mart pics~

Honestly, the LA Flower Mart has great deals, and you can’t beat their selection. I’m kinda itching to make a drive out there again before Christmas to decorate my house with Mellano’s fresh wreaths and garlands. I’m hosting my family’s Christmas party this year, and I’m excited to get the house decorated. Not gonna stress about presents this year. All the kids are getting Gap clothes…and I’m doing it all ONLINE! πŸ™‚

Anyhoo, can’t wait to show you all pics of the birthday party!

~lil sis