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Happy New Year!!!

Not too long ago we celebrated baby #3’s 100 days (aka baek-il). Without going into too much history, Koreans celebrate 100 days because infant mortality was such an issue waaaay back in the days. It was a time of celebration where a family would gather, feast, and eat/share rice cakes (dduk). It is is still very much celebrated these days and lil sis and I, although born and raised here, still follow many of the Korean traditions. You can see what lil sis did for her 2nd daughter’s baek-il here.

With so much going on around the holidays I had little time to think of decorations. All I knew was that there was going to be some kind of bunting for the top of the rice cake. Lil sis, as she always does, talked me into adding an animal-face-cut-out-of-a-piece-of-fruit decor. Seriously, I have no idea what to call it so you can imagine how difficult it was to google it and find images!

I made a different banner this time around. You know I love the itty bitty bunting but this one was seriously the fastest banner I have ever made!

Well…minus the itty bitty felt ball ornaments! But aren’t they SO adorbs?! Truth be told, they are tedious and time consuming to make but so cute that I will have to find another use for them. Directions on how to make them can be found here.

And since Sisi is born in the year of the rabbit…

my animal-face-cut-out-of-a-piece-of-fruit!

Surprisingly, this was also super easy to put together. I did it 30 minutes before leaving for the luncheon. Needed: one firm cantaloupe, skewers, toothpicks, olives or dried cherries, carrots, sharp knife, and a steady hand.

I am very much looking forward to some down time. The big kids start school next Monday, which gives me 4 days of intermittent sewing time so that I can FINALLY start and finish up my friend’s faux chenille blanket! Sure, her baby is 4 months old but since he’s not crawling, I figured I’m safe to gift her the blanket 🙂 Let’s see if I can finish this one in record time.

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