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Not sure what I was searching for on Etsy, but I stumbled across a first birthday placemat. It just had a 1 in the center and the birthday girl/boy’s name on the corner. It gave me inspiration to make my own custom paper placemats for Tabi’s birthday with some fun facts about her.

Thanks to Digital Scrapbooking, I was able to create a placemat pretty easily. It also served as decoration on the tables, so I justified that by printing it out in color. $.98 a copy versus $.20 (black and white). Sigh…doesn’t seem like a big difference, but I had to print out many many copies. It made me cringe a little to be spending that kind of money on paper and ink. I was hemming and hawing about printing it in color for days. My husband got sick of me asking him what looked better, so he said to just print it in color and stop bothering him. I got the hint!

I got the vintage cutlery placemat download (FREE PDF) from The Pretty Blog. I’m horrible with Photoshop, so I used Creative Memories’ Storybook Creator Program, which is a Digital Scrapbooking program to add the wording, banner, etc. I had a friend enlarge and space out the cutlery so that it would fit nicely on a 11×14 placemat versus 8.5×11 which is what the PDF file is set to. I went to Staples and had them print out the file on 11×17 and paid a $1.90 flat fee to cut all of them down to 11×14. I started corner punching each paper and stopped at like the third sheet. Seriously? Not sure what I was thinking because I prob had over 65 to do.

Anyhow, just thought I would share this. I thought it brightened up the tables since the decor is so dark and rich at the restaurant. Plus, it gave the guests something to read while waiting for their meal.

~lil sis


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