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I did it! Just in the nick of time too! All 60 felt mice now have their tails, have been tagged, and strung with baker’s twine or silver embroidery thread. I was getting annoyed with myself, wondering why in the heck did I decide to make them and then got more annoyed thinking that the only thing the Kindergarteners want are the candy canes. So lil sis suggested I add a string of some sorts so they can be kept as ornaments! Perfect idea! Hey, whatever to help me sleep at night! πŸ™‚ Then my crazy mind got to thinking “will the kids know what that string is for?” I didn’t want to string 60 of them all in haste so I quizzed my daughter.

Crazy mom, aka me: If you saw this mouse and it had a string attached to it, what would you think it could be used for?

5 year old daughter: An ornament!

Could I be any prouder?

In stages…

I needed to save time so I used googly eyes and black tiny pom poms for the nose. So much quicker! TIP: My daughter helped me by gluing on the ears with Elmer’s glue. Well, after gluing together almost 20! we noticed that the felt ears were NOT adhering to the body. Panic! I switched glues and used tacky glue. It stuck perfectly! HUGE sigh of relief!

Of course, I didn’t make it any easier on myself by asking the twins what colors they wanted the mice to be…my boy picked blues and greens, and my daughter picked pinks and purples.

Final step

Done! Done shopping, done wrapping, done crafting. The only thing left on my list is to make gingerbread cookies with the big kids tomorrow on their 1st day of winter break.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. We’ve got 2 parties back to back and I’m hoping that my baby doesn’t lose it on me! AT 3 months old, she knows when she’s done for the day!

Happy Holidays!!!

big sis


(as my husband rolls his eyes)…

So the twins’ last day of Kinder before winter break is the 22nd. Both teachers asked if I could make a batch of gingerbread dough for their classes by this Monday. Still left on my list of things to do before Xmas: few gifts, few cards, trips to 3 different markets…all while taking care of my baby. So, am I setting myself up for failure and my kids up for dissappointment when I say we (and really me) want to make these for the kids’ classmates?

image via Martha Stewart. Directions here

What to do…sigh. 72 candy canes have been purchased, which means I’m definitely going to attempt it. C’mon, I can make 56 by the 22nd right?

big sis

So I consider myself a beginner sewer, at best. ok…maybe on the verge of being at an intermediate level. For those of you who don’t know, my sis and I only started sewing when we opened up the shop a year and a half ago. So when I come across a project that I really want to do, I have to do tons of research and studying on it before attempting it. Probably more my personality than being a beginner. Anyways, my twins have been going down their own checklists and asking me to make this and that for them. So when my 3 year old son asked for this

superhero cape 011

I knew my daughter would be right behind him asking for something. Well, ever since Martha Stewart had Heather Ross on her show, I was dying to try out her smocked dress pattern (some people call it shirred, some call it smocked, whatever). My daughter was all for it as long as the fabric had Minnie Mouse ALL over it. DONE!

I watched the segment a few times and read the comments before diving into it, and I was already feeling iffy about it; so many people seem to have problems with the elastic thread and getting the fabric to “smock”. I followed the directions on the elastic thread package and wound the thread tight. My first line failed, did not smock. So tried it again BUT wound it very loose. almost to the point that if you let go of the thread, it would easily unravel. This is what mine looked like.

heather ross smocked dress 011


Here’s what my first line looked like.

heather ross smocked dress 002it smocks a bit on its own

here’s what it looks like after all 6 lines have been done

heather ross smocked dress 004now, this is before you even iron it! smocks quite a bit.

heather ross smocked dress 005end result

She’s wearing it a bit high but that’s b/c we (her and I)Β  hate it when her straps fall off her shoulders πŸ™‚ I even made some straps with the leftover fabric! My daugther is petite so I only had to purchase 3/4 of a yard. Do you know how proud I am of myself? She has been wearing her dress all day and even told my sis how she could make one for Lila. I am loving it! I may even make one for myself!

big sis

Update: The smocked dress pattern is technically called the Mendocino Sundress.

This weather is driving me crazy! Normally I love the weather here in sunny Los Angeles, but c’mon! We are nearing the end of November and it is reaching almost 90 degrees here! Just complaining b/c we had two field trips with our mommy and me classes to pumpkin patches and it was unbearably HOT! So hot that even I did not want to look for that perfect pumpkin. My daughter who is a bit like me cannot stand the heat. She chooses to stay indoors if it’s anything above 73 degrees! So you can only imagine how she has been at our outings. Ugh! Hating the terrible 2’s right now. And really why is it just the 2’s…isn’t all beyond-fussy, pouty, tantrumming, crying, screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of behaviors just terrible at any age??!!!???!!! I say that b/c I think hers started from about 1.5 years old and it only seems to be getting worse 😦 Yes, it is only a phase I keep telling myself but my biggest fear that it’s NOT!

On the flip side, my son…my poor son. He has been getting into accidents NON-STOP! 2 weeks ago, he was goofing around, dancing, and spinning himself when he lost control and fell on our ottoman. It would have been fine if he had landed on top but of course, he hit the side and the side of his face got all bruised up. He looked like he had a black eye for a few days. That has been slowly healing. Yesterday, he took a fall down a few steps and landed on the SAME side and got all bruised up again. That fall scared the crap out of me and I had to consult with his nurse. You just never know…I was so scared for him to go down for his nap until the nurse called me back. What was scarier is that she called it a “head injury”. TODAY…we were eating lunch and he decides to play with his plastic spoon while it’s in his mouth and he managed to get it wedged in his mouth!!! My mother-in-law had to pry it out! OMG, Calgon, take me away!

What is going on with my kids? SERENITY NOW!

My husband’s timing is impeccable. While I will be busy busy busy sewing my life away πŸ™‚ he will be out of town for 4 consecutive weeks. Yes, you read that correctly, 1 month. It’s worse than it sounds. He travels anywhere from 2-4 days during the week but STILL! Will I make it through this holiday season without getting any more white hairs? My sis’ friend found my first white hair at the baby shower; she was nice enough to yank it out for me! πŸ™‚

Sorry for all the complaints. This weather is getting to me and making me extra sleepy and irritable. Need to snap out of it soon. We have 3 Halloween parades/parties we are getting ready for and by “getting ready” I mean making goody bags. With my recent discovery that I do not have any time (sarcasm here), I had to give up on making Martha’s oh-so-cute jack-o-lanterns. Don’t think we didn’t try. My mother-in-law attempted several but it was just too time consuming and too small to fit anything into it. And PLEASE will a 2-year-old really care? I know, just trying to make myself feel better πŸ™‚ Hopefully, my cute lil Minnie and handsome Buzz Lightyear will have loads of fun dressing up in 80 degree weather!

Here’s to hoping my next post will be a happier and cheerful one!

big sis

Part II of my sis shower…

I love Martha Stewart’s pom-poms. I would have loved to do the big ones and hang them from the ceiling but 1) I rented a space for the shower and did not want to tear off paint from the walls/ceilings 2) the ceilings were HIGH! (which I wouldn’t have known since I received the clubhouse keys a few days before the shower so it’s a good thing I didn’t make them!) and 3) this is the most important reason…I have finally come to terms with my limitations. Even I must admit defeat πŸ™‚

So I made the next best thing…the napkin rings!

Now what I would have done differently…(you can learn from all my mistakes!) Martha says to use floral wire, which I did, but I found that it was a bit pokey after tying them around the napkin. By then, all the flowers were made so there was no way I was going to redo them. But I would have probably used ribbon or maybe even curling ribbon instead of the wire. I had extra flowers so I incorporated them here.

I made some “Baby Bunch Bouquets” with some modifications, of course. These are the materials I used and found it be easier vs. using the stem wires.

I just wrapped up the wires with floral tape. And here is the end result. Too bad I didn’t take a picture from the top (MUST HONEΒ  MY PICTURE TAKING SKILLS!). It is a bit difficult to see the wrapped onesies but if you look hard, there is some white peeping out…those are the onesies πŸ™‚

I don’t remember where I got this idea but it’s out there somewhere. I just took some cube-shaped boxes, wrapped them in white paper, added pastel strips, added letters to spell out “LILA” and voila! HUGE BABY BLOCKS!

I knew that people would only be able to see the front (where the letters are), the left side of the purple “L”, the right side of the “A” and the tops of the cubes so I covered them up. The rest of the sides are just white (saves lots of time!). In retrospect, I should have stuck with the color scheme but I ran out of supplies and time! Yes, 2 months of prepping was not enough…I kid.

Another thing I whipped up was drawstring baggies. Gosh, a tutorial would be helpful here but these were made late in the evening and I was barely awake myself…

I used muslin and spiced it up by adding a bit of color. I especially love the lil piggies! Bags had lil goodies inside and were the prizes for the games.

More to come tomorrow…let’s talk about food!!!

big sis

More ideas can be found here. and here.

CURRENTLY ON THE TOP OF MY LIST…b/c it’s that time of the year, I suppose…

1. mosquito bites!!! AAAHHHH!!! I have another duty on my already long list of things to do…I am in charge of watering our plants 😦 It’s a love/hate relationship…that I have with my yard. I want it to look nice but but I can’t give it my all (not enough alone time to pull weeds, encourage my plants to be healthy, fertilize, etc.), so I end up doing a half-a**ed job. Anyways, this usually means I water right before the sun goes down…which also means all the mosquitos come out to feast on me. OH! how I despise their bites and all the itchiness that comes along with it. I got so paranoid that I washed ALL my bedding last night.Yes, out of fear that they were all inside my bed feasting on me as well!

2. paper cuts! Those cuts are so tiny but SOOO painful! and worse are those darn cuts you get from file folders!

3. birds. Now usually this is on the top of my list but b/c I haven’t been around too many, it’s down to number 3. Why do I loathe these creatures? Not all but ALOT of them look like rats with wings! and just imagine all the germs they carry with them! GROSS me out! Why do I have this “phobia”? In my young days, I remember stepping on a dead sparrow and just being traumatized. And I remember a bird swooping down on my father’s head and being terrified. and NO, it is not due to the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds. But that movie is gross too!

That was a short list. I can’t seem to think of anything else and here I thought there were alot of things I detest.

Countdown to my sis shower…3 weeks left. Too bad I can’t share with you all the details of the shower. It’s a little nerve wracking that I won’t be able to see the place until the day before but that just means I have to be super prepared. I have lots of ideas but I can’t seem to function. You ever have those moments when you just have so much to do that you become paralyzed…not literally…and then just blow everything off? And I’m not talking about just the shower, lil sis, so no worries.

What is on my mind currently besides the shower? let’s see…Halloween: what does my son want to dress up as??? He changes his mind daily. One day he wants to be Buzz Lightyear, another day he wants to be a pirate (even though he’s scared of them), some days he says he doesn’t want to wear a mask, other days he says he wants to wear one. What will I make for the kids at our mommy and me class? I have a cute idea from Martha Stewart but will I be able to make 25 45 (I forgot that we take 2 mommy and me classes) paper mache pumpkins? Will I be able to make 100 dolls this winter??? Yes, these silly but very important (to me and probably only me) things cross my mind at least once a day…that is, when I have time to think πŸ™‚

Sis and I are both busy doing some custom orders. We are still busy pluggin’ away. Funny…both her and I said that we wanted to take a short break but I guess her break won’t happen until Dec (her due date) and mine? who knows. I shouldn’t complain…I am very happy that other people like our dollies πŸ™‚ And most importantly, I proved my husband wrong! He thought our dolls were cute but didn’t know if “there was a market out there…blah, blah, blah” (I love that I can make fun of him here).

Anyways, another tired day = hodgepodge post.

I’ll leave you with this…

Ashley is currently in the shop.

big sis

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