I didn’t realize that our last post was on Jan 6! Where does the time go? I FINALLY get a week of nothing to do! My goodness, how I longed/missed these moments! The last week was super busy for me. My girlfriend from junior high school got married this past Saturday and since we had a friend flying in for the wedding, we had a small get together at my house Friday night. Forget about grocery shopping and getting the house in order, my main focus was finishing up that blanket! With 3 kids, 5 year old twins and a 4 month old infant, I must say that I was able to finish up this blanket in a reasonable amount of time.

My girlfriend had her son a week after I had my daughter and seeing that it took almost a week to finish this for my girl (granted, I was 8 or 9 months pregnant), I lost hope and kept the fabrics tucked away. This is the perfect baby gift! Too bad it is so time consuming and just drains you 🙂 I’m telling you, I had to emotionally prep for this project!

I finally purchased the Olfa Chenille Cutter to speed things along this time around. My review: It definitely cuts back on time and saves your hands/fingers from cutting every. single. channel. Unfortunately, I found that after cutting a few channels, the lint from the flannel fabrics would get stuck in the blade hindering the tool from cutting smoothly.

I had to pull out the lint with tweezers! So really at the end, did it really save me that much time? Another thing I found was the blade would get dull after a few rows so I needed to turn the dial to expose a different part of the blade quite frequently. You could make approximately 3-4 blankets with one blade before having to purchase another one. Just some things to consider before investing in the tool…

Anyways, I hear my baby cooing so I am off to spend some time with her before picking up the big kids. Lil sis and I will be moving soon…rather this site. It’s been something we’ve been wanting to do for awhile…another reason why we’ve been so quiet here. We hope to have the new site up and running in the next 2 weeks *fingers crossed*

Talk to you soon!

big sis