Sis and I kept this on the DL (down low 🙂 until all was confirmed and we actually received the column. And here it is in all its glory.


Small, local newspaper but we were ecstatic to be featured!

This was part of the promotion for Sunday’s fair. So let’s do a quick recap for those all wondering how the fair was. There were people waiting in line at 5:30 am just so they could get a lottery ticket and get in 30 minutes early. Who wakes up that early to shop? (besides me during black Friday!) We did OK. Our USC paperweights were snatched within the first 5 minutes! CANNOT understand those die hard alumni! They’re a cult! You make anything with USC written on it, they’ll buy it 🙂 Overall, we felt that the consumers, who by the way are regular attendees of the fair, knew what they wanted to buy from the “regular” vendors. It was still a great experience! It was so great to hear from visitors that they had either read about us somewhere or saw us on Etsy. Who knew? And we even got a few custom orders. By the way, yes, the newspaper column is showcased on our table but ONLY b/c we were requested to do so by the organizer.


I was able to convince my sis, who is due any day now, to make the drive from the Valley to come play with me. We got to do some X-mas shopping. Here was our fav item…think we each bought several:


They are the CUTEST dish towels imaginable! And I even bought a piece of jewelry, which I RARELY do. When you have kids, the last thing you want to do is accidentally cut them up! But I bought it anyways b/c I loved the simplicity of it. I would let you see what it looks like but my daughter decided that she needed to hold on to it all day long and sleep with it! Oh, and that’s another reason why I don’t accessorize! She’s such a girl! But you can check out 2bambu and her shop here.

So on to our next fair! We are debating on whether or not we should start listing some in our shop now. As you can see, we made ALOT, and in the end, I feel our table was a bit distracting b/c of the doll overload! So, if you are interested and want to see what we have available NOW instead of waiting until the 6th, please contact us.

big sis