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Thanks, Kristen! Hope the girls love them! Happy holidays!

big sis


Hope the birthday girl likes her dollie! Thanks MBoyd!!

lil sis

These two dollies are ready to get to their new home! Thanks dtully for supporting us yet again!! It means a lot 🙂

lil sis

this Friday, the 21st! Get your custom doll before then to save yourself shipping costs.

I’m working on five custom orders right now and am recovering from bronchitis. NOT FUN! It’s been crazy cooped up at home. We missed three days of school now. I’ve had to come up with activities for Lila because she’s been getting antsy just staying at home. So far, we’ve done the following:

-Carved our pumpkin

-Made sock puppets

-Built a couple forts around the house with blankets

-Made cookies and topped them with sprinkles

-Played w/ play-dough multiple times

-Danced around the house to music

-Played chase while crawling on our knees

-Gave her a bath one too many times

-Made a bunch of origami cranes and hid them around the house (she had tons of fun with this one)

what else!??? I’m running out of ideas!

-lil sis


Meet Greta Sprinkles…

Hope the lil one likes her dollie!

-lil sis

I picked up some beautiful linen from Flock Home at the Renegade Fair. I knew I wanted to try to make a doll out of some of the fabrics because they have really unique patterns on them…chevron prints, ladybugs, birds just to name a few.

My latest project is a pair of sisters – big sis in a swallow print and lil sis rocking the ladybug print. I’ve sewed some linen projects before but never on our dolls. I’m hoping they come out just fine because so far I’m liking what I see!

Flock Home uses eco-friendly linens and non-toxic dyes. You can read more about their fabrics here.

As soon as I finish up my last custom order, I’m going straight to these sisters to complete and post in our shop!

-lil sis

Meet Savanna, Macy, Gemma, and Molly. How cute are their names! Thanks Carla…we hope these blue eyed dollies travel safely to Canada!

-lil sis

Here is a lil sis doll going to her new home which is just about an hour away from here!

Thx izziebell!

-lil sis

Here are two more dollies that left for their new homes!

Now that I’m finished with these custom orders, I’m gonna be moving on to organizing my life! I started out with a kitchen drawer in my house that was filled with just junk! Do you have a drawer like that – where you just toss any and everything in there that doesn’t belong in the kitchen? I get Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons in the mail and I throw them in there thinking I’ll go use them one day. I have random receipts, goody bag items that we get from attending birthday parties, old mail that I need to open, a variety of pens and pencils, hair clips and rubberbands, safety pins, rulers, etc etc.! I should have done a before and after because it was just a mess in that drawer. It feels awesome that I cleaned it out this weekend. Next up is my craft room!

Hubby got this for me, or I should say for the both of us. He’s all about organizing his work office. What a shocker! I never thought he would want to spend money on one of these things!

I absolutely love it! How is it that one little label on a box can make me feel so organized? It’s funny because I wrote a post about this pre-Christmas saying I wanted one for myself. Better late than never 🙂

I picked up 10 more of these containers at Lowe’s to help me sort out my fabrics, felt, hair clip supplies. They’re having a great deal on storage supplies because of back to school shoppers. Alrighty, well I’m off to labeling!

-lil sis


We’re offering Free Shipping on any doll (excluding Custom dolls and Paperweights) for U.S. Residents only. We are listing dolls throughout the week, so check back often.

Head on over to our etsy shop and see if you find something you like!

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