So this was the BIG news that big sis was referring to last month. We were contacted by one of the editors from In Style, and they wanted to feature us in their November issue for their “Customized Gift” spread. Say what!? We were floored and so grateful they chose our handmade dolls!

Although the issue hasn’t hit our local bookstores (we called about 6 different places!), my bro-in-law was able to find one at the Barnes and Noble in Seattle while on his business trip. Yippee! He sent us some phone pics.

Close up:

And gracing the cover is one of my fave actresses…Rachel McAdams! I ❤ her in The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

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Big sis and I are already busy taking custom orders. If you want a custom doll to give as a gift for the holidays, we recommend ordering sooner than later! I’m not sure when Tabitha is going to make her debut (I’m at 35 weeks) because when she does, I HIGHLY doubt I’ll be going near the sewing machine to help out.

-lil sis