My hands don’t know what to do with themselves. I don’t remember the last time I had all this time to myself…just to do NOTHING.

Well…it doesn’t last too long. I had started a list of all the things/projects I’d like to make once I have some free time and on the top of my list is a table runner. No sketches. No nothing. This time around, I’m just gonna do what comes natural. It may be a complete disaster but right now, I am happy to be doing something for me!

Another one on the list…well, it’s really lil sis’ list but I’m jumping on the bandwagon b/c I’d like to make one with her šŸ™‚ A terrarium! Lil sis has been wanting to make some for awhile. And it wasn’t until we saw Chandra‘s terrariums at Renegade that motivated us to give it a try.

one of my purchases from Renegade:

hard to see…but those lil purple things are tiny birds! Love my terrarium!

While the kids spent the morning with the grandparents, I went grocery shopping. Super fun! But I did get to watch TV while I enjoyed my McDonald’s, bake mochi cake, do the dishes, and get dinner prepped. Is this what I can look forward to when the kids get dropped off at preschool?

big sis