I am not an animal lover by any means. I blame it on my mom. When we were young, we were only allowed to have fish. We’re not talking about those small fish bowls that you win at carnivals…the fish that you name…the fish that you bury in your backyard when it passes away and have a little ceremony! At that age, what’s so great about having some fish in a huge aquarium??? We’re talking about a huge aquarium that if you did not clean regularly, it would get all muggy and gross! And I was not about to fish out the dead ones and flush them down the toilet. So needless to say, the fish tank was eventually emptied and used as a “terranium” in our backyard!

My sis and I would ask for a dog occasionally but according to my mom, she was VERY allergic to animals. It wasn’t until I was in college (my sis in high school) that my mom finally succumbed and brought home a puppy. Unfortunately, we were beyond the “let’s get a dog” stage and returned the puppy.

So getting to the point…what is it about cats??? One more story…Whenever we go to the mall, the kids always want to visit the pet store. One morning, an employee asked if we wanted to go in a room with a kitten? I was so excited b/c I thought my kids would love it but where to start…how do I pick one up? Will it scratch me? are there germs on the kitten that will make us sick? You should have seen us! We were all trying to “run” away from the kitten 🙂 and that is a hard task if you’ve ever seen one of these rooms! It wasn’t that bad but it was sad to realize that I am SO not an animal person. Oh well…hopefully my kids won’t ask for a dog or a cat or fish for that matter. I’ll have to use that allergy excuse!

So, what is it about cats? Why am I drawn to making them into softies? Who the heck knows! but here they are.



Check out their furry mittens and boots! The lil sis has braids in her hair! How cute is this sis duo?

I’m wrapping things up and still working on the BIG project. It’s really not that big and once revealed, I’m sure you’ll be thinking “what was the big deal?” 🙂 I just NEED TO GET IT DONE! Guess I should get back to work. I am so excited and as each days passes, I get butterflies (not that different from the norm because I get them frequently 🙂 I don’t know why b/c it’s definitely a possibility that I (my sis will be there in spirit) won’t sell a single doll. But whatever…it’s going to be fun! all by my lonesome self 🙂

Until tomorrow…

big sis